What will you find in Lacole

Building, renovation, furnish, following the authentic taste and the art of Made in Italy tradition

What is Lacole Casa Italiana?

Lacole is excellence worldwide for the recovery of ancient materials, antique flooring, outdoor flooring, antique fireplaces, superb architectural and decorative elements. It all started with a man who had the dream of being able to reshape old and gnarled wood to create pieces of furniture of dream, that you can insert into wonderful homes.

What will you find in Lacole?

Lacole collect construction materials from recovery, select them carefully and puts them in an external warehouse of 20.000 square meters. But Lacole offers more; an immense Show Room entirely built with all the materials we sell, fabulous settings that make the idea of ‚Äčexactly how to use a material of the past to build environments of dream.
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