Why Choose Us

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Lacole is 100 stores in one big Show Room!

Renovate, build, decorate and personalize a home is a fantastic project , but often rendered difficult and challenging the right item, and their search from the rare piece of furniture, to the old object specific one for a particular environment. In Lacole just come in and discover that any choice is made easier.

Why Lacole Casa Italiana is unique?

Why imposing the threshold crossing will be like walking into a giant house, full of charming corners domestic and dotted with traill be like traditional materials. There are real structural materials, furniture, furnishings, accessories and vintage gifts.

Getting in Lacole is like browsing a real antique fair avoiding use of whole afternoons wandering among hundreds of stores. Walking between the two levels of exposure, discovering living rooms with fireplaces and furnishings targeted, timeless kitchens, tables set (with glasses, cutlery, plates, tablecloths)and bedrooms. Nothing is left to chance, everything is enlivened by small objects, candles, fabrics, flowers. Every detail is formulated specifically to meet the needs of an ancient house.

Lacole Casa Italiana tells you the past!

In the colossal Show Room everything is clear, legible enough to be a true guide for visitors, who are not experts of antiquities, everyone will accompanied by personnel help through spaces and environments, in order to see with their own eyes what can be achieved by combining old construction materials of recovery and furnishings.
Our staff
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